We design places & spaces for people & wildlife.

Our work responds to clients’ aims and objectives, planning or designing for land use change, where we aim always with an eye to sustainability and a reduction in global warming. Urban renewal, incorporating green infrastructure in development master plans can enable creative, practical and cost effective improvements to the landscape and the public realm.

By composing landscape plans for new development that also include post implementation management, our clients’ objectives can include cost effective sustainable, bio-diverse and wildlife sensitive solutions. DEP Landscape Architecture helps achieve these goals to serve both clients and communities – stepping forward to a brighter future.

We work with clients, helping develop assessments of the capabilities and resultant changes to the natural and built environment. Then we explain our clients’ intentions to communities, seek planning consent and sometimes funding support. After permission, we design, detail, communicate and help deliver landscape schemes.

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New landscapes develop and mature, so we plan a management regime, a maintenance procedure, and build into this an aftercare package, sustainability and wildlife biodiversity. Much of what we do is teamwork; we bring our skills to complement others by collaborative working. Landscape design is an integral part of almost any scheme or project – and we are adept at providing the service.


An award-winning landscape practice delivering sustainable, bio-diverse and wildlife sensitive solutions within all our schemes.

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